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You like to – and are committed to – make an effort for your clients. But not for free: you count on punctual payment. However, receiving payment of your invoices is not always a smooth process. Some invoices remain unpaid.

This is bad news for the cash flow of your company and an obstacle to its growth.
Therefore: avoid such payment risks. Opt for a correct, fast and professional collection of your unpaid invoices, with the help of an effective partner: Vesting Finance.

Amicable collection of unpaid invoices

Vesting Finance guarantees a solid financial basis for your company, by dealing with all payment risks right from the start. Our motto with each collection of unpaid invoices? Be tactful but firm. Amicable collection procedures have preference, bearing in mind your company assets and your client relations.

Your debt collection agency? Client-oriented and transparent

Your business is not identical to that of your competitor. Therefore, the collection of your unpaid invoices will not be identical either. For this reason, Vesting Finance uses a personalised approach which our experts adapt to your company and your clients. With one constant element: optimal transparency. And you are able to follow our actions closely.



Vesting Finance resolves your outstanding invoices – diplomatically, but efficiently! The focus is on amicable debt collection: preserving a business’s image and with a guarantee of a fast collection of your unpaid invoices. If you wish, we can also handle the legal proceedings for you, after assessing their feasibility. Debt monitoring or international collection procedures are also part of our services.

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Debtor management

A meticulous, successful follow-up of your invoices requires a lot of time, knowledge and manpower. Therefore, let others handle your debtor management. Vesting Finance will follow up your payment process from beginning to end. In doing so, our experts will adapt to your policy and your clients. Their objective? An efficient collection of your unpaid invoices.

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Vesting Finance stands for a smooth, carefree service: you submit your case online. In a few steps, you will also immediately get an idea of the feasibility of your case

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