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Quality & Transparancy

An expert and strategic partner

Specialist in Credit Management

More than ever, businesses and organisations want to be as efficient as possible by outsourcing their processes to reliable, experienced and qualitative partners. Vesting Finance is the partner of your choice with regard to credit management.

Why Vesting Finance

As the specialist in preventing and reducing arrears, we provide a higher business cash flow. Flexible IT systems support our customers through all stages of the end-to-end service: from customer acceptance through to payment. Thanks to our smart use of data, we are successful and efficient. However, the real difference lies with our dedicated professionals. We provide advice, or partly or fully take over your processes (Business Process Outsourcing). Tailored and quality processes are important pillars within our service. Your portfolio is in safe, professional hands. Our work is accurate, transparent, also towards your customers, and solution-based. Your image and customer relationship are key.

Our mission

Vesting Finance would like to be the trusted and expert partner for businesses with regard to Credit Management. As part of the internal organisation of these businesses, we provide advice on and take over (parts of) certain processes. The objectives of our customers with regard to risk management and cash management are key.
We offer solutions for your debt problems, as there is a person or family behind every debt.
Our aim? A financially healthy company.

Part of Arrow Global

Arrow Global is a leader in the field of sales and management of credit portfolios. Their customers include banks, credit card companies and telecom businesses. Arrow Global employs approximately 1,400 people in the UK, Portugal and the Benelux countries.
At Arrow Global, customers are at the heart of the organisation. They believe that the interests of creditors, the organisation and its people, investors and partners, and society as a whole are best served by finding the perfect balance between the interests of customers and their debtors.  In a joint effort, a suitable solution is found for payment problems and initiatives are continuously developed in order to innovatively work together and come to a mutual understanding.
Arrow Global's approach fits perfectly with that of Vesting Finance and the other entities within the group (Capquest, Whitestar and Focum).

"Our vision is to be the European leader in the field of sales and management of credit portfolios and credit management." ~ Lee Rochford, Group CEO, Arrow Global Group PLC

The aim is to establish the Arrow Global Group as the most respected, responsible and innovative company and leader in the field of compliance, risk management and fair treatment of customers.
Vesting Finance found a strategic partner in Arrow Global who shares our ambitions. We are therefore able to make large investments in systems, processes and world-class employees which enables us to continue to meet your specific needs, now and in the future.

Co-founder of Socrem 

Socrem is the abbreviation for Socially Responsible Credit Management. Vesting Finance is a co-founder of this group that represents the non-commercial interests of the amicable debt collection sector.

Within this corporate organization we want to make socially responsible debt collection a priority with an eye for the situation of each individual.