No extra costs to the consumer

On 18 January 2017, John Crombez, leader of SP.A, shared on Facebook the Dutch article 'Debtors conned by bailiffs BSR'  with the following caption: '... for years, the bankrupt collection agency BSR conned thousands of people...'.
On 14 March 2017, an article was published in Humo titled: 'An outstanding invoice in this country often becomes ten or twenty times more expensive - all thanks to operational costs of bailiffs, solicitors and collection agencies'.

These are only two examples of incorrect facts published in the media over the past few months. Sadly, the confusion surrounding the additional costs charged to a consumer by a bailiff and a collection agency remains.

According to law, a Belgian collection agency may only charge the consumer, in addition to the sum total, the interests and costs stipulated in the general sales conditions of the creditor. Therefore, the consumer is not charged any operational costs or costs for the collection agency. This, however, is in contrast to a bailiff who will charge these costs.

The turmoil surrounding the extra costs of collection agencies is thus purely a preconception that Vesting Finance will continue to refute. Our aim is to collect debts continually bearing our corporate social responsibility in mind.