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Wide variety of tailored services

Striving for successful collection

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Modular customer services

You would like to avoid overdue invoices and use your working capital as supplier credit. Professionally organised credit management is therefore a must.

We help you to optimise your cash flow by taking over your entire process or parts thereof. We operate as part of your business putting paramount importance on your image and customer relationship.

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Your debtor risk decreases if you know who you're doing business with. We help you to establish who to accept as a customer and on which conditions.

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Invoicing is an important element of your operational management, though purely an administrative task. By outsourcing your invoicing, you will save costs.

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Credit management

A professional follow-up of your outstanding invoices is a must. With active credit management, we ensure that your invoices are paid faster.

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Amicable collection

To recover your bad debt, you are looking for a partner who delivers a tailored service and realises a high collectable percentage. We amicably collect payment of your invoices, prioritising your reputation and customer relationships.

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Gerechtelijke incasso

Judicial collection

Unable to amicably collect payment of your invoice? Our legal department will advise you on the feasibility of a court procedure and will fully take charge of this process.

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Debt monitoring

We are able to monitor the financial situation of your debtor through the debt surveillance process.

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 Verkoop van vorderingen

Debt sale

You no longer want to attempt collecting payment of your own invoices and immediately improve your balance sheet? We will buy your debit portfolio.

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